Amadeus Project Michael Lewis Kowalski

Music and Spirituality. These have been intertwined throughout my life. 

They even feature in my earliest childhood memory of receiving a slap on my leg from my mum for singing the theme song to the children’s series ‘Champion the Wonder Horse’ during Sunday Mass.  Fortunately, this reprimand didn’t harm my love of music and during my school years I learned to play the trombone.  This soon led to me joining my school orchestra as well as a local amateur orchestra.

I became an altar boy in my local Parish Church from age nine but by the time I left school for university, my commitment to the musical and spiritual aspects of my life had started to wane.  I never lost my belief in God or Jesus but I felt increasingly uncomfortable with many of the doctrines and practices of the Catholic faith and so I drifted away from the church. With my social life becoming more active as I headed into adulthood and university life,  I also disconnected from orchestral circles and eventually gave up playing the trombone.

Over the next twenty or so years, my priorities were my career, family, sporting pursuits and social life but all the plans and assumptions that had concerning my future were dashed one Christmas Eve when my life fell apart. I found myself in a mid-life crisis which left me in deep despair wondering how I had managed to make such a mess of my life and worrying about what the future might now hold for me. My sister was keen to help out and made an appointment for me with a ‘healer’ that she knew named Carol Lamb. That appointment with this remarkable woman literally changed my life.

With Carol’s encouragement I began writing music, discovering and nurturing a latent talent for composition which I never knew I had. Through her seminars, books, blogs and friendship in the years since, I’ve been given an understanding of the journey of the soul and the true teachings of Jesus.  This not only helped me to make sense of my own life but also provided me with explanations for many of life’s so-called mysteries.   It also answered many of the difficult questions that my Catholic upbringing was unable to address.

Music and Spirituality are therefore the main themes of this website and its blog, in which I will pass on some of the learning and experiences which have transformed my life in the years since my ‘dark night of the soul’.