Amadeus Project Albums Music for entertainment and healing

The tracks on the two albums below have their own distinctive style, drawing upon musical influences ranging from traditional Irish, to 19th and 20th century classical music.

Awakening is filled with rich melodies which evoke a variety of emotions.  This soulful music will touch your heart, provoke a smile or even stir the soul.

Nectar for the Soul is a collection of pieces composed over a ten year period. Although most of the tracks are orchestral, the album includes pieces for solo piano, string quartet and a choral composition. It is filled with rich, memorable melodies which will help to relax and nourish the body, mind and spirit.

“Music is Nectar for the Soul” ~ Wayne Gerard Trotman

Musical Apothecary

Medical research has provided a great deal of evidence that confirms the positive effect of music.  Certain types of music are shown to reduce stress, decrease pain, assist sleep and strengthen the immune system. The Musical Medicine and Musical Magic audio packages shown below utilise these healing properties of music to provide holistic medication for adults and children respectively.

Both of these packages combine soothing, healing music with the Emerald Alignment.  This is an effective, easy to use and safe energy alignment technique used to balance the human electromagnetic field, or aura. The Emerald Alignment is used widely by all ages and abilities from the very young to senior citizens.