The Welcome page outlines how I began to disconnect from the church as I approached adulthood. I still believed in God and Jesus but I was troubled by many aspects of Catholic teaching and customs.  Some of the practices of the church made less and less sense to me and in the worst cases appeared to be fraudulent, whilst it would be hard to avoid the conclusion that God was unjust if certain parts of the Catholic doctrine were true.

Many years before my meeting with Carol Lamb I had stopped attending church and my interest in spiritual matters had declined. Through her however, I found a spiritual philosophy which has been taught since ancient times and which resonated strongly with me. Not only did it provide answers to the questions and difficulties that had led to my disillusionment with Catholicism but it also helped to explain several unusual experiences which had occurred in my life. I will be writing a number of blog articles which cover many of the concerns and questions that I had and how these have been addressed through the understanding that I have received.  The sections below provide a short summary outlining the core principles of this teaching.

The Journey of the Soul

In many ways, the journey of the soul can be compared with our schooldays. Just as school life involves attending classes over several years in which we are given many different lessons to help develop our abilities, the journey of the soul involves numerous cycles of birth, death and rebirth.  These provide numerous opportunities for the soul to learn through many different and varied experiences.

The purpose of this journey is to learn, develop and increase in consciousness so that we can eventually ascend – or graduate – to higher planes of existence inhabited by other souls who have already reached this state of advancement on their soul journey.  We also need to balance the karma accrued as a result of mistakes and wrongdoings during our cycles of rebirth. Consequently we are born into situations where we can meet souls that we connected with in previous lives. For example, we may have had a difficult relationship with someone in a past life.  By meeting them once again, perhaps as members of the same family, we have an opportunity to clear any karma that had been created during that time. Similarly, if we have hurt or harmed someone in a previous life, our current life may place us into a situation where we have an opportunity to help them in order to repay the karmic debt.

Once a soul has achieved the required level of attainment and has cleared enough of its karmic debt, it is no longer required to reincarnate on earth. This is referred to as the Ascension of the Soul, which Jesus demonstrated during his ministry on earth.  This, like much of his teaching, has however been misinterpreted and changed by the church.

The Ascension of Jesus

The Ascension of Jesus

The Human Energy Field

The Human Energy Field

The Garment of the Soul

As the soul moves through its cycles of rebirth, the outward physical appearance, race and gender of the body may change from life to life.  It does however retain the soul personality, as well as the archive of memories accumulated over lives. These memories are encapsulated in a field of electromagnetic energy which flows in and around the body.  It is often referred to as the aura, or human energy field, and it can be observed by those with clairvoyant ability as shimmering colour and light.  It is also possible to photograph and monitor this energy field using kirlian technology.

This energy network has been mapped for thousands of years in Chinese and Hindu sacred texts, providing the foundation for ancient medicine.  It is now also acknowledged by orthodox western medical traditions which is gradually integrating this understanding into medical care through treatments such as acupuncture.

Where the flow of energy is disrupted, for instance due to constrictions or blockages in the network of meridians of this energy field, this can often lead to physical illness or injury. Whilst medication or surgery may appear to provide a cure, these treatments do not address the root cause of the problem: the disruption in the energy field. As a result, the patient will often need to continue taking medication for life or may be left with a physical vulnerability which increases the future risk of similar injury or disease. True healing occurs only when energy is once more able to flow freely through the network of meridians.  This is the principle behind energy healing techniques.

Memory Imprints

Current and past life events often leave memory imprints which disrupt the energy flow, causing physical, mental or emotional difficulties. For example, harrowing past life memories can affect present life behaviour and response.  This is often the cause of irrational fears and anxieties such as a fear of dogs, heights or enclosed spaces.  Deep, traumatic memory imprints can also lead to inexplicable illnesses which baffle doctors, or conditions which orthodox treatment cannot cure.

Various energy healing techniques can be used to help remove energy field disruptions caused by memory imprints.  The most effective of these is soul recall therapy.  This enables the patient, under the guidance and supervision of a therapist, to consciously trace and access the past life memories which have caused a particular condition.  Once accessed, the therapist is able to work with the client to dissolve the energetic imprint of the memory.

Music can also trigger the release of subconscious memory imprints.  This is especially true where a particular piece or style of music connects to the memory. Listening to the right music can help to slowly dissolve the memory imprint layer by layer, usually without the person concerned becoming aware of any details of the memory.

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