The Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin: Relic or Forgery?

The Shroud of Turin.  An ancient linen cloth that has been venerated for centuries as the cloth used to wrap the body of Jesus Christ following his crucifixion. It gained worldwide attention in 1898 when it was photographed for the first time. The publication of the photographic negatives caused an immediate sensation. These negatives highlighted the faint markings on the cloth, revealing a strikingly clear image of a man.  A man that many Christians believe to be Jesus Himself. 

But is it a relic or a forgery?  There have been several scientific studies of the Shroud over the years but the 1988 radiocarbon dating test was by far the most well-publicised. This test concluded that the Shroud was a mediaeval forgery which dated from the period 1260-1390 AD.   This result has been generally accepted as conclusive proof that the cloth had no connection whatsoever with the life of Jesus.

Contradictory Evidence

There are however multiple lines of scientific evidence that contradict this test. They prove that the Shroud existed well before the radiocarbon date but unfortunately, have had little if any publicity. The carbon dating test has also proved to be extremely controversial. Many scientists have criticised the way it was conducted but their views received none of the glaring publicity given to the carbon dating result.

The videos below set out the reasons why the radiocarbon result should not be trusted. The first video outlines the considerable weight of evidence which undermines the result of the carbon dating. The second covers the events surrounding the test and the reasons why it created such controversy within scientific circles.  

Whether you deem the Shroud to be a relic or a forgery, watch these films and make up your own mind whether to believe the 1988 carbon dating result.

“The video embedded in this article examines scientific studies of the Shroud of Turin that support the biblical accounts of Christ’s crucifixion. Believers and sceptics alike will find it fascinating! Truly a remarkable contribution to human understanding of events from our past that affect us all. Highly recommended!”

Facebook comment, Saxony, Germany


Joseph G. Marino, Shroud Scholar, Researcher and Author

“Without the slightest quibble or qualification, absolutely, stunningly brilliant!!!!! It is far and away the best presented, the most authoritative and the most convincingly damning assessment of the carbon dating that I have come across throughout the last three decades. Normally I go glass-eyed when anyone tries to explain statistics, but the presentation of this video did it so well that even I managed to grasp most of the argument. It was all stated in such an even-handed, unsensational manner. The superbly created graphics kept my attention throughout….Outstanding throughout….”

Ian Wilson, Historian and author of several books on the Turin Shroud