Channelling Music Where Does Music Come From?

Channelling Music

What initiates the idea for a new song or music composition? Are the melodies and harmonies created within the human brain, generated solely by the thought processes of musically talented people, or do they flow from something that is beyond the mind?

The ancient Greeks certainly believed in an external source for all creative inspiration.  They believed that nine heavenly Muses gave poets, musicians, artists and philosophers the ideas and motivation for artistic creation. Great writers such as Homer would even begin their works with a call for help from these divine beings: (“O Muse! Sing in me and through me tell the story….”). This belief in Muses went into decline along with the ancient Greek civilisation.  And yet in spite of this, many composers and musicians continue to claim that their inspiration often seems to come from ‘invisible’ external sources and not from within.

For example, below are some statements made by well-known composers of classical music.

Johannes Brahms
Johannes Brahms
“When I am at my best while composing, I feel that a higher power is working through me.”

During his lifetime, Brahms made many claims about receiving his musical inspiration from external sources and that when composing, he often felt he was “in tune with the Infinite.”

Giacomo Puccini
Giacomo Puccini
“The music of the opera was dictated to me by God. I was only the instrument to bring it to paper.”

Puccini was referring to the opera ‘Madame Butterfly’.  He also claimed that “God touched me with his finger and said ‘Write for the theatre’.  I’ve been faithful to this supreme command.” 

Max Bruch
Max Bruch
“The composer must sit in silence and wait for the direction from a force that is superior to the intellect.”

In an interview, Bruch also made the claim that he had practically composed his entire Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor whilst in a semi-trance state, in which he was always conscious.

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Ludwig Van Beethoven
When I composed that passage, I was conscious of being inspired by God Almighty. Do you think I can consider your puny fiddle when He speaks to me?”

Beethoven’s response to a violinist who complained about the difficult fingering required to play one of his works.

Musicians Today

In the years since these composers made the statements above, our scientific and psychological understanding has increased immeasurably.  This has however led to a corresponding decline in the belief in supernatural or spiritual matters. You might therefore expect that musicians living today would be more likely to accept the view of orthodox science that all human creativity stems from the brain itself, rather than any external spiritual source.  Surprisingly however, the opposite appears to be true. There are many examples of famous musicians living and working in recent times who have made statements which mirror those of the great classical composers when describing the experience of writing or playing music.

  • Quotation Brian Wilson
  • 2Quotation - Carole King
  • Quotation - Paul McCartney
  • 4Quotation - Sting
  • Quotation - Dave Gilmour
  • 6Quotation - Barry Gibb
  • 7Quotation - John McLaughlin
  • 8Quotation - John Lill

The slideshow above shows statements made by a small sample of those present day musicians who have experienced the feeling that when writing or playing music, they were not in total control of the process, that they were somehow being guided. So why do so many musicians have these types of experience?  If the source of this music is from beyond the mind, where does it come from? Are these and other musicians being guided and if so, by whom?

Personal Experience

This is a topic that has interested me for many years and as a composer myself, I can relate to a number of the quotations above. For example, on good days I often find myself ‘hearing’ the music that I’m about to write as if I was replaying a piece of music in my mind that I had heard many time before. What I’ve learned and experienced over the years has led me to the belief that there are non-physical guides who are willing to help today’s musicians through intuitive connection.

I’ve outlined my beliefs, as well as the evidence for those beliefs, in the videos below as well as in a number of blogs on the subject of Channelling Music. The third video in the series also outlines the process that I follow in order to improve my intuitive capability. This process has made a huge difference to the ease with which I am able to compose.