Music Medicine The metaphysical understanding and positive application of music as sound vibration

Musical Medicine Manual: The Application of Music for Healing

It has never been easier to listen to music. We struggle to imagine what life may have been like less than 100 years ago, when there were no radio or TV broadcasts and only a fortunate few had access to a gramophone. Today there are multiple radio and TV channels playing music of all types 24 hours a day.  Indeed for those of us with smartphones or devices with internet access, it only requires the touch of a few buttons on a keypad before we can listen to any music of our choice.  This is surely a golden age for music lovers.

Unfortunately, it is our nature not to value those things which are free or easily available.  Sadly, most people see music as merely a form of entertainment, or even as something to play in the background when otherwise occupied. It is however so much more important than that.  For example, music can be used to directly affect personal physical and mental health.  It can even affect the vitality of plants and animals that share our environment.

There are many cultural traditions around the world that have understood and applied music’s power throughout their history.  This knowledge has been largely sidelined and ignored in this post-industrial era but it has not yet been lost.

Discovering the true nature of music

The purpose of this manual is to restore an appreciation of the true nature of music and covers a number of topics:

  • Evidence that music can improve vitality and health in humans, animals and plants.
  • How music helps social communities to bind together and evolve.
  • How music and sound interact with the physical anatomy to affect health, including recent scientific discoveries that aid an understanding of this process.
  • Provides answers to the question, ‘Where does music come from?’
  • Reveals evidence that many of our past and present musicians have channelled their music from a consciousness that is beyond the brain.
  • Outlines self help tools for improving the intuition and techniques for developing the ability to channel music.

This manual is not just for musicians. It’s suitable for anyone with an interest in music or healing, regardless of whether they have had any musical training.

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